Dyneema Rail - Bishop’s Place

Client: Vinci Construction

The works involved the construction of a supporting structure of reinforced concrete walling together with reinforced concrete columns in order to support a decked pedestrian walkway at high level above the existing mainline to Liverpool Street Railway station.

Formwork reinforcement and concreting has been undertaken by Dyneema.

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Dyneema Rail - Ramsgate Rail Depot

Client: Volker Fitzpatrick

Works carried out to a new Train Wash facility and Plant Room included the formation of insitu troughs and train wash facility bases. This involved using over 30 tons of 10,12 & 16mm steel reinforcement and was cast insitu within a confined space.

The plant room involved ground beams, steps, upstands and walls. All concrete and power float finished.

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Dyneema Rail - Royal Mint St Bridge

Client: Taylor Woodrow

Works involved taking up slab concrete without piercing through the existing deck to allow new railway track to be laid lower than the existing track. Over 100 construction workers were hired, enabling the project to be completed within 14 days.

The process involved core drilling, concrete bursting, drilling for starter bars with break out concrete using Brokk machines, clearing all material off the deck into lorries on the ground.


Dyneema Rail - Aerodrome Road, Barnet
Norwest Holst


The works involved the demolition of two existing railway bridges over Aerodrome Road and the replacement of new wider bridges in order that the existing road can be widened.

Formwork, reinforcement and concreting to the structures, including confined space working and the pre-casting on site of large concrete structures has been undertaken by Dyneema Rail Ltd

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Dyneema Building Contractors - Tottenham Court Rd Crossrail Offices

Client: Vinci Construction

Office refurbishment consisting of 6 floors and a basement. The contract lasted 8 weeks and work included:

Dot and dab to all walls, suspended ceilings, air conditioning, rewiring throughout the building, red care fire and alarm system, lighting, double glazing to all windows, new doors throughout, breakout new doorways, breakout floor for access from basement, carpet and vinyl throughout the building, 5 new kitchens and plumbing throughout.

Basement - 2 new changing rooms, toilets, showers and basins to accommodate 200+ employees. Supply of all labour, plant and materials. Added to contract were 150 variations.

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Construction & Civil Engineering - M20 Junction 10 Ashford Roundabout
Norwest Holst


Works carried out to the widening of the existing bridges over the M20 to provide an additional lane. The works include excavation and insertion of service ducts complete with inspection boxes.

Breaking out of concrete, removing waterproofing to expose existing reinforcement connect couplers and concrete.

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Construction & Civil Engineering - Tesco express stores Tunbridge wells

Client: Tesco

Tesco Tunbridge was a 12week programme,to remove external walls by propping taking care not to disturb chimney and 1st floor walls.

To extend the store an 120sqm extension was erected.Floating slab to stop moisture penetrating through slab, new foul/rainwater runs throughout,

Tarmac car park to take weight of heavy artics.


  • Works included
  • Temporary propping
  • Demolition
  • Floating concrete slab
  • Brick/blockwork Extension
  • Foul and rainwater drainage


Construction & Civil Engineering - Becton Water Plant

Client: Birse Water

Work at the Thames Water Treatment Works at Beckton, involved the renovation of an existing pond and the construction of tank bases, transformer bases, cable trenches and engine bases. Dyneema Construction and Civil Engineering also built the hardstandings for tankers and the high and low voltage bases.

The whole project was constructed in reinforced concrete, with a large element being below the ground.

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Construction & Civil Engineering - Thames Wharfe 1A - 1B

Client: Birse Civils

This contract was in two phases. Phase 1A was to build a 420 square metre maintenance building including all formwork, steelfixing, concreting, blockwork and over 5000 square metres of reinforced concrete paving works.

Phase 1B was a seven week contract reduced to 4 weeks. This included 400 metres of reinforced concrete bases and retaining walls and work to piles. The job was completed ahead of schedule in just 23 days.

After the completion of these phases Dyneema then constructed bases for EDF.

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Construction & Civil Engineering - Olympic Park Lee Interchange

Client: Volker Highways

Volker Highways hired Dyneema Construction and Civil Engineering Ltd to design and construct a retaining wall around the perimeter of the Olympic Park to deter intruders. The wall, with its gabion stone front started with the steel fixer. The carpenters then used peri shutters, finishing the project on schedule.

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