The following companies are offered as references:


Testimonial Company

“The team at Dyneema Construction & Civil Engineering Ltd took a proactive approach, meaning the finished result exceeded our expectations. The standard of workmanship provided by their committed and professional team is second to none. A big thank you from all at Vinci Construction UK.”


“The projects completed by Dyneema Rail Ltd were constructed within the tight timescales and executed in a professional manner. Strict Project Management and Health & Safety policies were adhered to at all times and we were thoroughly impressed with the overall finish of the construction.”


“Dyneema Building Contractors Ltd performed quality work in accordance with their contractual obligations as a contractor and their company safety management and the commitment from their employees contributed to the success of the project. They are a very courteous and professional team who I will definitely be recommending in the future”.


"Quick, responsive service from Dyneema helped in delivering project ontime and within budget."


“The Dyneema Group Ltd completed our project on time and within budget whilst maintaining an excellent safety record on site.” taylor_woodrow